TALON نسل جدید تکنولوژی هوشمندسازی ساختمان زیمنس

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TALON نسل جدید تکنولوژی هوشمندسازی ساختمان زیمنس

TALON: Open Protocol Building Control System - Siemens


Originally established as Staefa Control System more than 40 years ago, Staefa was a reputable leader in HVAC control and building management systems. Staefa was owned by Electrowatt Group, a Swiss-based holding company. In 1996, Electrowatt merged Staefa with newly acquired Landis & Gyr, and created the worldwide organization, Landis & Staefa, Inc. In 1998 Landis & Staefa became a brand of Siemens Building Technologies, Inc.

The Staefa Control System brand holds its reputation and efficiency as the legacy system. The new system of today is TALON. TALON leads the industry with the TALON open protocol building control system.


The TALON system has the system level applications, the network management, and programmability to make open systems building controls technology work effectively.

For effective facility management, the TALON® Workstation provides powerful building management functions, such as scheduling, alarming, trending, historical data collection and advanced energy management applications. You can remotely monitor your facilities, maintain consistent occupant comfort, take action to help manage energy consumption and costs, or do whatever is necessary for smooth and efficient building operations - from anywhere around the world.


The TALON Workstation is a flexible system interface that uses the Internet to provide efficient facility monitoring and control

  • Animated graphical user interface provides system access to an unlimited number of users over the Internet/Intranet with a standard Web Browser using Windows 2000®, NT 4.0, or XP

  • Access the system via the Web using existing PCs without purchasing special software

  • Powerful alarm management, messaging, and comprehensive database management services provide access to alarms, logs, graphics, schedules, and configuration data with a standard Web Browser.

  • Sophisticated alarm processing and routing via e-mail, wireless Web and pager technology.

  • 'Audit Trail' of database changes, storage and backup, calendar, central scheduling, control and energy management routines.

  • Assured password protection and security using standard Internet authentication and encryption techniques. Context-Sensitive On-Line Help documentation explains the use of software features, commands, and menu selections.

  • Enterprise level information exchange using HTTP / HTML / XML text formats.


نسل آینده هوشمندسازی ساختمان زیمنس TALON


TALON Network Manager

Five versatile Talon Network Manager models provide embedded integrated control, supervision and network management functions, plus data management between different protocol devices.


  • Acts as web server for workstation graphics

  • Allows unlimited number of users simultaneous system access

  • Performs alarm management and historical trend data collection

  • Coordinates event and equipment scheduling

  • Performs live trending functionality

  • Available in these styles:
     * Small Building Network Manager
     * I/O Building Network Manager with Expanded Nodes
     * Basic Network Manager
     * Basic Network Manager with Web Browser Access
     * NX Network Manager

Predator Configurable Controller

This LonMark certified family of Predator® controllers provides full -featured control of zone level and primary HVAC equipment types.


  • Certification to the LONMARK interoperability guidelines, enabling information sharing with other LONMARK products.

  • Based upon space comfort functional profile number 8505 for zone level control and the Discharge Air Controller Functional Profile 8610 for air distribution control.

  • Field-selectable parameters allow entry and updating of setpoint and control parameters via the TALON® system interface.

  • Unique two-piece design of the Predator Controller Only series, consisting of a plenum-rated Enclosure Cover with Embedded Controller Board and a separate Wiring Base, protects electronic parts from potential damage during installation.

  • Predator models control this equipment, with more applications to come: 
     * VAV and CV pressure independent zone boxes
     * Dual Duct VAV/CV zone boxes
     * VAV with Variable Speed Fans
     * VAV with Supply Air Temperature Response(BTU Compensation)
     * VAV AHU's
     * Unit ventilators - ASHRAE Cycle II
     * Unit ventilators with Dehumidification control
     * Four stage AHU's
     * Single- and multi-stage compressor heat pumps
     * Fan coil units
     * Perimeter heat units
     * Single Duct/Dual Duct Low Flow VAV Controller
     * Three-Zone loop control for:   
         - Averaging 3 zones to control one unit   
         - Controlling 3 unique zones that have override and setpoint control      
     * Four loop control for:   
         - Hot water converters   
         - Simple heating and cooling plants   
         - 2 VAV rooms   
         - IAQ routines   
         - Humidity control   
         - 3 Sensor inputs loops   
         - VFD control   
         - Fan tracking   
         - Heat recovery units   
         - Emergency generators   
         - Up to 4 stat to valves   
         - Up to 4 booster coils   
         - Miscellaneous input / output points
     * VAV with CO2 control
     * UV with CO2 control

  • One-piece design of the Predator VAV Actuator series provides lower total installed cost products to meet a variety of VAV applications, consisting of:
     * Two flow range versions   
         - 1000 to 3000 fpm for typical building installations   
         - 50-1000 fpm for unique and critical building applications

Raptor Programmable Controller

Truly freely programmable controller where each program is uniquely created to meet the control requirements of the mechanical equipment system.


  • Versatile controller that enables peer-to-peer communication and information sharing with TALON® Controllers and other LonMark® products

  • Easy-to-use downloadable graphical programming allows intuitive creation of sequences to match equipment control applications

  • Control program contained in Flash memory prevents loss of database if power failure

  • Built-in energy management applications and DDC control strategies for complete facility management

Predator VAV Actuator

This one-piece design combines Predator VAV/CV controller functionality with Siemens non-spring return direct-coupled electric actuator for three-position floating control of building HVAC dampers with a 44 lb-in or 88 lb-in actuator. Controllers are shipped with pre-loaded applications, reducing engineering start-up time. And the embedded LonMark certified controller has onboard termination support for 2 inputs, 3 digital outputs, 1 room sensor, and 1 differential pressure sensor.

Other Actuator Applications


  • CO2 with 44 lb-in

  • Supply Air Temperature (SAT) reset control with 44 lb-in

Two flow range versions

  • 1000 to 3000 fpm for typical building installations

  • 50 to 1000 fpm for unique and critical building applications


Video: Learn About the TALON Building Control System